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Friday, January 25, 2013

School of Fish Valentines, Free Printable

I've seen these all over Pinterest with instructions on how to do it. But, no one seems to have a printable to use. (Maybe there is one and I missed it it. No worries, another one doesn't hurt.) So I decided to make one on Photoshop really quick. (It's taken longer to write the blog then it did to make the printable.)

I put the images on 8.5x11 inch document and each "fishbowl" will fit in a regular sandwich bag. Fast, cheap, & easy. (For the best looking results I would recommend using 8.5x11" cardstock to print it on. But, the kids won't care if you use flimsy paper and besides it would make it easier for small hands to cut. So, do what you want.) You could use goldfish or Swedish Fish or any other fishy shaped treat to fill the bag. We are going to use goldfish. I just need to go buy some. I'll post a photo of Alexander's finished bags soon!

You can right click on the image and save it to print & alter for personal use or you can open it in a new tab and print it. You may not steal save it and put it on your own blog. Though you can put picture of the ones for your kids on your blog and a link to this blog for others to use. If you do, would love to see what you make! Please put your blog's URL in the comments section for show & tell. :o)

You can have your kids cut it out and write on it, or you can edit it yourself using photo-editing software. It's a .jpg file. The font I used is Daddy's Girl by Vanessa Bays on Her website is I don't think Alexander is going to appreciate all the hearts in the font, but it's Valentine's Day and he can get over it. He'll just have to love me because he isn't going to have to write out Valentines, or send corny & embarrassing ones. 10yo boys don't do mush!

Well, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Thanks so much and I'm touched your Joined my Links Party, Love all your printables, its very addicting. I'm constantly printing them for all kinds of uses. Take Care Maria

    1. Thanks for hosting Maria. I will be back next week! :o)

  2. Super Cute! Visiting from the Wakeup Wed Linky!! :) Nice to meet you!

    1. I just saw this! Thanks for visiting, Becka! :o)