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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mason Jar Jack-O-Laterns Tutorial and Cut-outs

Still making party decorations. I have got to start putting it all together soon. I can't wait to make the party favors, y'all are going to love it! I should have that up on Friday.  

Mason Jars are so versatile and I hope you enjoy yet another use.  I love them as a centerpeice, but they would be super cute lining a walk way.  (Do not touch any glass while a candle is burning in it, it can become very hot.)  Here is the tutorial and pattern for the DIY Tulle Bats.  :o)

Mason Jar (or re-purposed glass)
Contact Paper (or wide duct or painter's tape)
Orange multi-surface spray paint
Optional: Cut-outs for the faces, small candles, or felt to place inside the jars

And here is the cut out pattern.  Right click on it and double click "Open image in new tab," then print.  It's 8.5"x11."

Happy Halloween! Click on the image below to be taken to all of my Holiday posts!


  1. Hands down you have got the most creative and kid friendly Halloween decorations I've seen! Love your blog and I'm following along.

    Happy *almost* Halloween!

    1. Thanks! As a mommy of a young child, I really don't like her seeing scary decorations. I never really have liked them myself. However, I love making and seeing cute and fun ones. I am thrilled that you love what I am doing, it makes me happy!

  2. These are just adorable! So cute to decorate for a kids party.
    Thanks so much for sharing them.
    New follower,

    1. Thanks Patti! You have a great blog and I'm excited you are following my blog! :o)

  3. Thanks for sharing with Time For Mom on Tuesday! Hope you join us again tomorrow!