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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blythe's Nancy Doll, Free Dress Pattern

Happy Saturday, y'all!
I meant to have this up yesterday, but I am having a few computer issues.  They aren't all resolved yet, but hopefully they will be soon.  I know I usually have a photo tutorial up for all of my patterns, but I can't find my images.  I am very good about archiving them, so I am not sure what has happened.  I will make one as soon as I can, but it may be a couple of weeks.  In the mean time, you will have a pattern and written instructions.  I hope that will be enough for you to make it as soon as you like.  The dress & bloomers were made fit this doll pattern (but it fits her baby Stella & Waldorf dolls too):
1/3 a yard of fabric
velcro strip cut to .5"x7"
18" of 1/4" elastic

Here is my pattern:
(Right click on the sheet you want and left click "Open image in new tab," then print--Ctrl P or Apple P.  Make sure that it is printing at 100% and not "fit to page.")

The only piece I didn't put on was the skirt.  Just cut a 5.5" wide strip along the cut edge of your fabric.  
I overedge stitched all of my pieces to keep the edges from fraying because I don't have a serger.  You could also use a zigzag stitch.  Do not avoid using your iron if you want it to look it's best.

Making the top:
1. Sew the front to the back along the top of the shoulder seam.
2. Turn the edge down around the neck and iron it down.  Hem it down.
3.  Turn the fabric on the armholes in, iron down, and hem it as well.
4.  Fold the sleeve in half where indicated and iron it, with the right side of your material facing outward.  Put a gathering stitch (This means a long stitch, 4.5mm or more, that you can easily push the fabric together while holding the threads tight to gather it into ruffles.) along the edge.  As you push the fabric together the curves will straighten out cause a flared ruffle along the middle fold.  Pin it to the armhole with the middle part on the shoulder seam.
5.  Sew the back to the front on the sides.  The armholes are now closed.
You have finished the top! 

Adding the skirt:
1.  Use a gathering stitch (4.5mm+) along the length of the fabric.  Push the fabric together holding the threads until it is gathered to the width of your finished top.
2.   Pin the top and skirt together with the wrong sides (ie insides) facing out.
3. Sew the top to the bottom.
4.  Turn your dress right side out and to the back.  Turn the back edges down and iron them. Hem them down.  Attach velcro to the edges.  I put the fuzzy side on the right side and the scratchy on the wrong side.  That way if she miss aligns it it doesn't scratch her. 
You finished the dress!

For the bloomers:
*The fabric is wrong sides out the whole time you are making it.  Right sides will be facing in.
1.  Sew the middle back curves together and the middle front curves.
2.  Iron down 1/4" along the top edge and the 2 bottom edges.
3.  Sew 5.5" of the elastic on one side of the bottom while hemming down the edge, stretching it to the full length of the fabric as you sew. This will cause it to gather when released.  Do the other side.
4.  Sew 7" of the elastic along the top while hemming down the edge, stretching it to the full length of the fabric as you sew. This will cause it to gather when released.
5.  To close the leg holes, pull the straight pieces below the curves apart.  Pin the fabric straight across with the middle back seam pinned to the middle front seam.  Sew together.
You now have bloomers too!


  1. How sweet! My dolls always wore bloomers because my grandmother thought that anything else was inappropriate :) It's so nice to see doll bloomers, they're just so darn sweet!

    1. I love bloomers on dolls and little girls. I make matching bloomers for all the dresses I make my daughter. They are so cute! I do have a love for all things vintage, so that may be a part of it. ;o)