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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Lila Mermaid, free pattern!

Lila and Nessie have become best friends and Blythe wanted them to swim together.  She asked, "Mama, can you make my Lila a mermaid."  So, I did.  I understand the need to be a mermaid.  As a child, it was my ambition.  Reality set in the same year I started doubting Santa's literal existence and abilities.  2nd grade, hard year.  :o)  Anyhow, now I can make all of the fantastic creatures I desire.  Being a grown up has its perks!  So, you can make your own Lila a mermaid because I made a pattern to share.  I hope you and your dear one (or inner child) will enjoy it!  Here is a link to the original Lila pattern:

8"x45" piece of material
3.25" piece of 1/2" elastic
Safety pin
Tiny bit of stuffing

Here is my Lila Mermaid Pattern:
Here you go!
Step 1: Fold the fabric in half and cut out the tail starting at the selvages (natural edge of the fabric). This will give you 2 pieces for the tail. Fold the remaining fabric in half again and cut out the fin.  This will give you 4 fins, 2 right-side & 2 wrong-side.
Step 2: (pic 1) Pin 2 fins to the tail with the right-sides touching and sew wrong-sides together.  Repeat with your other tail and fin pieces.
Step 3: (pic 2) Iron the tail and fins flat.  Pin them together wrong-side out and sew from one side, to the fins, around them, and up the other side.
Step 4: (pic 3)  Fold over the fabric about 2" and sew a line about 1/4" from the top all the way around and then another line 5/8" below that leaving a 1/2" opening.  Thread the elastic through with a safety pin and join the end with a scrap of fabric and sew to the other end, so that it will lay flat.  (Or you could just sew the 2 pieces together.)
Step 5: (pic 4) Turn it right-side out and stuff the fins.  The stuffing stays in without needing to be closed.
I used a bit of elastic headband lace from Hobby Lobby.  I hand sewed the edges together with embroidery thread, then wrapped it around the area, and knotted it closed with the needle (as I would at the end of the thread in a sewing project). 
Have a wonderful time!
Here is a link to my free "Loch Ness Monster" pattern:

Here is shell top pattern for Lila!


  1. Adorable!!! I love everything about it! Thanks for sharing tutorial!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thanks Ana! I am glad you like it! I am heading over to check out your blog!

  2. Oh my goodness this is adorable!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Hope to see you sharing again this week. Big Hugs

  3. oh what a cutie cutie!! my daughter would love to have this Charlie!!!

    hey thanks for sharing this over at The DIY'ers! huggies♥

    1. Thanks Rea! I hope she does! Blythe won't take it off her Lila. I am going to make her a nightgown soon though because she has decided that Lila needs one. Apparently she is cold at night.

  4. Cute! I'll have to find a little girl to make that for!

  5. So cute! If anyone asks, I actually am a mermaid. ;-)

  6. Oh my daughter would love this mermaid doll! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Your mermaid doll and outfit is lovely I am featuring it this week! Feel free to share again and grab a featured button for your site! Hope your having a great week so far. Theresa @DearCreatives PS Thanks for sharing your pattern at the party!

  8. Thanks Theresa!!! I was my pleasure! :o) I will be there to party again this week and take my button.

  9. how cute!!! that is adorable and thanks so much for making it free ;o) Thanks so much for linking up to the Create Link Inspire party! I've features this today at the sewing features and spread the word all around my social media. Would love if you could share as well ;o) EMily

    1. Thanks Emily for the feature on your awesome blog and Co-hosting CLI! I have spread the word! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Super cute! Thank you for the tutorial!