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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Free Easter Printables

Easter is coming! I am so excited! I have memories that I love from Easter, especially sunrise services. Memories on Bald Mountain, our breath lifting-visible in the cold air-as we read of Jesus's resurrection and celebrated His salvation available for all. While the sun rose through the clouds reminding us of His glory. Beautiful memories.

As I grow older, Easter has becomes more precious to me. God loves the world, you and me. He sent His Son to die in our place. Jesus choose to fulfill the plan for our salvation and did it because loves the world and, even more so, His Father. He did it knowing that most would never love or accept Him.  Knowing the ones who would accept Him would be flawed and reject Him as well at times.  He loves us that much. The Lord overwhelms me with His grace.

My favorite tradition on Easter is not one I knew growing up. My husband & I are from very different backgrounds and it took us 2 years to find a church we both were happy with attending. Eventually, Easter arrived. We went to the Easter breakfast with our church family. People were greeting each other saying, "HE is Risen!" And responding, "He is risen, indeed!" Full of power and hope! I can't express the joy and assurance from such a profoundly simple truth is being spoken by believers to each other.  My soul sings! Now, it's the first thing we say on Easter morning. (And all day long!)

I wanted to make a printable of it to share with you. I chose a picture I had made of a butterfly on verbena several years ago because the butterfly is an historic symbol of the resurrection of Christ. Their chrysalis symbolizing a tomb and their emergence, resurrection and rebirth.

These are full size jpeg images that you can download and print from your computer or send to a photo printing business of your choice.  Here is a link to them on Google Drive if you have trouble opening them or saving them on an Apple computer, as I know has happened in the past.

 8"x8" on 8.5"x11" for easy printing. You can crop it to an 8"x10" for a photo lab to print it. Turn off the auto correct though.  The amount of white could throw off their adjustment.

Happy Easter, y'all!

I release the copyright for your personal enjoyment only, no commercial use is permitted.

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  1. Very cool printables! Thanks for sharing at the Anything Goes linky at Bacon Time. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

  2. Wow, beautiful words and printables. Thanks for sharing them, come really handy for this coming Easter 2014.

    Happy Easter
    Shabby xxx
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